A lot of turkeys out there.

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So Avash beat me to the punch on the cliche “What to be Thankful For” topic this year. How he remains so positive is beyond me. I’m just thankful that everyone isn’t running away with it all so all of our teams have a shot for the rest of the season.

Dilks talks about not taunting the hockey gods and the curse unleashed upon potential WWE upstart Don Lucia in 2005.

For those of you unfamiliar with Chris Heisenberg he’s the man who somehow knows who’s playing for your team in 2012. He’s been on top of the National Letter of Intent period for college hockey, and has been doing his best to break it down in his blog. For a full unofficial list of recruits, he maintains that here.

For those of you curious in this week’s CHN Team of the Week. Take a second and visit the UAA Fan Blog. Sure he’s got a lot of posts this week about the team’s success over UND last weekend and the weekly awards that come with it, but they’ve ALWAYS got a lot of good information over there. Definitely a worthy read, especially if your team is facing the Seawolves in the near future.

On a personal note, for me Friday is one of the greatest hockey days of the year. Living in Boston, I’m fortunate enough to have the traditional 12:00 B’s game to help me avoid the insanity of the Black Friday festivities, but on top of that, there’s several excellent holiday tournaments and matchups, in particular the College Hockey Showcase featuring Michigan, Michigan State, Minnesota and Wisconsin. Fox Sports North will have both Friday games televised. If Thanksgiving is for Football, then Fat Friday is certainly for hockey.. and leftovers.

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to “A lot of turkeys out there.”

  1. hemispheres Says:

    The College Hockey Showcase does not have a championship game. This year, the 2 WCHA teams host the 2 CCHA teams, one game against each team from the other conference. Next year, the CCHA teams will host.

    Michigan State and Michigan never play each other and Minnesota and Wisconsin never play each other in the College Hockey Showcase.

  2. ron Says:

    Right you are. I had it nailed down until the last two sentences!

  3. uaafanblog Says:

    I think the “ALWAYS got a lot of good information” overrides the fact that my blog gets a mention on the “Lots of Turkeys” entry. I think.

  4. uaafanblog Says:

    I guess the “ALWAYS has got good information” overrides the fact that I got a mention on the “lot of Turkeys” post. I think.