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I’m a regular joe, just like everyone else. So when I get a chance to go out for the evening, I take it. That being said, getting a chance to go out, doesn’t necessarily mean watching college hockey the entire evening.

So imagine my surprise when I return home to see the insanity that hit college hockey this evening.

So sure, my own Golden Knights look like they got a beatdown 5-1 at the hands of LSSU, but lets be honest, last week’s series at OSU left us all apprehensive of the Lakers, who came out firing Friday with a big win. Who thinks they’ll finish in 10th place now?

“But what else Ron?!” you say?!

Well for starters Nebraska-Omaha issuing a 10-1 final over Niagara shocks me. At least until I saw RPI squeaking out a 2-1 victory over Denver in a game most saw going to the Pioneers. But that’s all fine and dandy until I see Michgian Tech take out Vermont, and Maine take a four goal victory over North Dakota. At this point is it bizzaro world I say? Not so sure until on my way to the cotton candy stand I see that Notre Dame took out Boston College 7-1. What a world college hockey has become. Finally, every game, every night, anyone can be a winner, by a slim margin, or by a blowout.

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