Is the TOTW Cursed?

Posted by: ron

Clarkson, Boston College, Vermont… not Notre Dame.. but still, three out of four ain’t bad.wodonlasers.jpg We’re getting pretty certain over here that the TOTW is generally the kiss of death for the next weekend. My bet is on Denver for being next. I actually have no clue who the next TOTW is but sweeping Wisconsin who is a darling in the polls, seems to be the obvious choice. They’ll face Michigan Tech. Based on the past few weeks, I’m calling it: Michigan Tech 14, Denver 1 and Michigan Tech 2, Denver 1 (ot.) Sorry Damien and Pioneer fans, this isn’t about the team, this is about the curse (and me trying to jinx the curse that jinxes teams, lest you want Mr. Wodon to continue to shoot lasers out of his eyes at your squads.)

(edit: Denver IS CHN’s Team of the Week)

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  1. ron Says:

    Man, am I good or what. 30 minutes later. Bingo. Denver is toast this weekend.