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One of the things I’ve found with this season so far is that I’m always looking forward to checking out the scores because anything and everything seems to happen. Having the scores CHN Wireless Scoreboard has made it even better, with the exception of the data fees that I accrue by refreshing constantly.

Some of the games and thoughts that had me watching the cell phone this weekend:

  • Michigan State beating Michigan 7-4 on Friday night, which comes as no surprise to Spartan Fans, but then Michigan taking their first in nine games the following night 6-2.
  • Ok, so maybe not true on the phone for Friday, because I was there, but definitely on Saturday, Clarkson sweeping on the road for the first time in four years, knocking off Harvard and Dartmouth, while maintaining one of the most potent offenses in the country.
  • St. Lawrence also opening the ECAC slate with a sweep. Big deal for suCh a young team.
  • UMass makess our PUcK Rankings, then sweeps Providence. That really makes us feel good. UMass has had a very solid opening few weeks, and I still feel they’re underrated.
  • Michigan Tech getting swept by Colorado College. Is their ranking in jeopardy? Did everyone overhype and is this the letdown, or was this just a little stumbling block?
  • Boston University coming back to tie Maine on Saturday Night after being down 2-0 early on.
  • How about those Fighting Irish? A win and a tie against Ohio State. They’re still on fire.
  • Alaska. Still undefeated in CCHA play.

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