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Day two at the ECAC Final Four. Clarkson and Quinnipiac battle it out for the ECAC Title.

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Clarkson is the ECAC Champion.

10:20p – WELLER BURIES THE EMPTY NET GOAL.  Clarkson 4 – Quinnipiac 2  56 second left.

10:19p – QU pulls Fisher for the extra attack. Quite the turn of events. 1 minute to play.

10:17p – 2:03 left in the period, timeout Quinnipiac. What does Rand Pecknold have up his sleeve?

10:14p – 5 to play. Game has gotten very exciting.

10:07p – Phil Paquet ties it at 2. We got a game now! 7:30 left in the third. Clarkson scores again! It’s bedlam in Albany. Brodie Rutherglen continues the run of seldom scorers for the Knights this weekend.

10:00p – 10 to play in the third, Clarkson is going have to pull out all the stops.

9:50p – Clarkson has pulled ahead in shots and seems to have found away to figure out the Q defense. Bud Fisher might be a different story.

9:40p – BUD FISHER is a puck stopping machine. Until the ugliest goal finally snaps the shut out streak at 101:43. 2-1 on the D’Alvise goal.

9:22p – Next goal is huge, either side.

9:15p – Ever seen a powerplay where all five of the offensive players are behind their own red line. Welcome to the ECAC.

9:10p – Apparently not.

9:05p – Quinnipiac heading on the powerplay. One more goal might be enough to seal the deal. Scratch that. Our first taste of four on four hockey. Will this be the spark Clarkson is looking for?

9:03p – Clarkson has cut the shot to 10-12, but they can’t solve Bud Fisher and his now 85+ minutes of shutout hockey.

8:55p – The Quinnipiac band has adopted Otis Reading’s “Can’t Turn You Loose” as their team entrance song. Coincidently this is the long standing Clarkson entrance song, when the teams hit the ice it sound like the Blues Brothers are running head on into the Blues Brothers 2000.

8:45p – If you had to guess which team had no worries about qualifying for the NCAA tournament, it would be Quinnipiac. Clarkson can’t get out of their own way, Quinnipiac is smooth and disciplined.

8:35p – Everyone’s favorite penalty call. One from the linesman. QU cashes in on the powerplay. 2-0 QU

8:30p – Big chance for Clarkson a 40 second 5 on 3. Quinnipiac kills the first penalty, and the second. Momentum clearly lies on the visitors bench.

8:28p – Clarkson heads on their third powerplay. 6:30 left in the first. Crowd is good. Nice contingent made the trip from Connecticut for the game today.
8:25p – Clarkson kills off their second penalty and Quinnipiac is called for their second penalty. Feola has been busy. 11:23 left in the first

8:20p – 1-0 QU
After a wild consolation game that almost guarantees a NCAA bid for SLU, the Championshp game has arrived. Quinnipiac jumps out to a 1-0 lead just 32 seconds into the first. Clarkson looks hesitant.
5:25p – Spoke too soon. SLU’s offense has come to life. 2 goals in the last 1:20 have tied the game. 2-2. Time out Dartmouth 12:27 remaining in the second.

5:15p – David Jones with a sweet deflection beat Petizian. 2-0 Dartmouth. With the way the St. Lawrence offense has been playing this weekend, that might be enough.
4:57p – Nick Johnson capitalizes off a SLU turnover to give Dartmouth a 1-0 lead late in the first.

End of 1. Dartmouth 1 – SLU 0
10:02p- ZALEWSKI WINS IT!! A goal to Devine’s glove side with 41 second remaining and the Knights are in the final.

Clarkson 5 – Dartmouth 4! Awesome game!

10:00p- Wyman beats Leggio shortside. 4-4 with 1:12 left to play.
9:50p – Clitsome rings the post on the powerplay. 5 a side now with 5:19 to play in the third.

9:39p – Clarkson 4 – Dartmouth 3

Galiardi on the powerplay. The barn is ablaze in the ECAC!
9:36p – Clarkson 4 – Dartmouth 2

D’Alvise with a highlight reel move restores the two goal lead.

Dartmouth to the powerplay.

9:30p – Clarkson 3 – Dartmouth 2

Dartmouth starts the period with some good pressure. Shots are 23-17 in favor of Clarkson thanks to a late period flurry from the Knights. Dartmouth scores on a screen goal from Lewis.

9:08p – Clarkson 3 – Dartmouth 1

Mike Willemsen scores his first of the year giving Tech a 3-1 lead. Dartmouth headed on the powerplay.

8:55p – Dartmouth ties it at one. A solid one timer from Pritchard. Time to see who can catch the momentum.

Clarkson answers back. Scramble in front of Devine. Give the goal to Dodge.

2-1 Clarkson

8:20p – Dartmouth on their first powerplay. Big save Leggio.

END OF 1 Clarkson 1 – Dartmouth 0

8:09p – Clarkson and Dartmouth underway. Clarkson goal under review. Feola is at the booth
It’s a goal!

Weller (Dodge, Cayer) PPG 9:28 First Period

6:35p – I think Wodon could have tipped in that pass. Quinnipiac is flying and will be a serious test for whomever they face next.

6:30p – Don’t know what happened to Brett. Sorry about this everyone, but you didn’t miss much. With three minutes remaining it is now Quinnipiac 4, St. Lawrence 0. SLU has called a time-out. Suspecting that they’re going to try for the miracle. Ben Nelson scored the 4th goal at the at the 15:55 mark.. Three minutes left and now SLU has pulled the goalie.

Quinnipiac 4, SLU 0

6:05 – Brett – Finally an internet connection. For the first two period the Bobcats have just outworked the Saints. The bounces the Bobcats are getting are the result. Fisher has had little to be worried about as the majority of the second period was spent in the St. Lawrence end.

5:51p – End of the 2nd. Quinnipiac 3, St. Lawrence 0

5:50p – Looks like a slashing call on Quinnipiac at 17:13. The crowd gives a false-cheer as SLU finally goes back on the PP. Nothing doing with 30 seconds left in the PP, and now Quinnipiac kills it and now a GOAL for Quinnipiac. Petizian makes the save, but it’s kicked into his net by his own player. Unassisted for Marshall with 35 seconds left in the 3rd.

Quinnipiac 3, St. Lawrence 0

5:44p – Ben Nelson hits the post as the Bobcats almost make it 3-0. 5:30 left to go in the 2nd. Saints kill off the penalty. Petizian is keeping his team in the game as the offense is looking anemic. Now 3:30 to go.

5:40p – Petizian having his helmet worked on for a little bit after being hit with a shot. Shots are now 17-12 in favor of the Bobcats just over halfway through the game. St. Lawrence takes yet ANOTHER penalty. Referee Scott Hansen is certainly not handing out any make-up penalties which must be frustrating to Saint fans.

5:34p – St. Lawrence going off on another PP. Quinnipiac is going to have a chance to put this one three deep for the next two minutes. Max Taylor expending some time on the PK. Petizian makes a couple big saves on some bad give aways in his own zone.

5:28p – Quinnipiac is now on the PP. Wong wide open in front of the net from Cashman and it’s a GOAL!

Quinnipiac 2, St. Lawrence 0

5:25p – Gobe is at the arena. No updates from him yet, so we’ll continue. 2nd period under way and the Saints are on the power play which is effectively killed. 14:20 left in the 2nd as the period chugs along.

4:56p – Quinnipiac on the PP again as Generous takes a penalty. Rank and Taylor break with a big opportunity short-handed but no dice. Petizian now with a big save. More back and forth for the last few minutes. Bagnall tosses a shot on net.. Rank shoots.. Bobcats ice…. face-off, and it’s the end of the 1st period.

Quinnipiac 1, St. Lawrence 0

4:52p – It’s sounding like this one is not going to be reviewable because the puck was frozen, but now they’re going to the video anyhow.. 7-4 shots on goal in favor of St. Lawrence right now. Hansen waves it off.

Quinnipiac 1, St. Lawrence 0

4:49p – Max Taylor almost scores on the shorthanded break. The St. Lawrence fans wanting a penalty call as he went down. Saints controlling the PK pretty well. Rank with a backhand. The light is on, but the referee has waved it off.. Hansen pointing at the circle, looking to review this one….

4:47p – Quinnipiac blasts a shot from long range and the save is made. Bobcats have pucks finding them all over the place. Petizian makes the save, and the ref’s arm is up. Interference on Keller for St. Lawrence. The Bobcats go on the PP again with 6:48 left in the first.

4:43p – 4 on 4 ends, and now Quinnipiac is on the PP. Rank all over the place on the ice, and Quinnipiac is unable to convert on the PP. 9:50 left in the first as Bagnall rips one over the top of the net. St. Lawrence with lots of pressure again.

4:39p – The Saints go on the power play after the assistant referee makes a slashing call. Will be interesting to see how many “assisted” calls are made. St. Lawrence immediately puts pressure onto Fisher, who smothers the puck under his pad. More pressure from St. Lawrence, Bagnall throwing a big check while on the power-play, and now St. Lawrence takes a penalty, which might be a little phantom.

4:35p – After about five minutes of back and forth, both teams start to try to manufacture some offensive opportunties. Quinnipiac finally gets a shot on net… seconds later and Ben Nelson puts it in off a rebound! Nelson, from Leitch and Duncan!

Quinnipiac 1, St. Lawrence 0

4:26p – The players are on the ice, and the starting lineups have been announced. Petizian in net for the St. Lawrence Saints and Bud Fisher in net for Quinnipiac. Definitely has a making of a goalie duel. Faceoff in less than five minutes. Scott Hansen is your referee.

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