NCAA Sued Over Ticket Policy

Posted by: adamw

This article explains a lawsuit filed against the NCAA and Ticketmaster over their policy for earning tickets for the Men’s and Women’s Final Four (basketball), and hockey’s Frozen Four.

The NCAA has, for years now, held a lottery to determine who gets the tickets. It seems like a fair way, considering that demand is so high. The lawsuit alleges that this is like gambling — and I think that’s going over the top.

But … the NCAA also charges a fee simply to apply. It keeps the fee even if you don’t get the tickets. And you have to pay for the tickets up front. If you don’t receive them, the lawsuit alleges that it often takes a while to receive the refund.

On this score, the lawsuit does make a very good point. Likening the ticket lottery to gambling seems extreme, and maybe they just threw in the kitchen sink to see what would stick. But I would agree that charging people a fee to simply apply for tickets, is just not necessary.

I have a feeling the NCAA may be eventually forced to amend that policy.

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