Bitz and Pieces

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One of the many reasons why I say college hockey is the better route for most players – no matter what junior players think of the of “games played” and the “pro environment” …

Bitz credited Cornell coach Mike Schafer for instilling a structured, defense-first system in Ithaca. It’s a style that Bitz has brought with him to the pro game.

“He really preached not turning the puck over and being good defensively,’’ Bitz said. “If you didn’t do that kind of stuff, you just wouldn’t play. It was important that you be good defensively and really take care of the puck. I think that was where my puck-possession game evolved. That stuff was ingrained in me for four years. You had to do that stuff. Thankfully, it’s kind of carried over and I’ve made that a strong point of my game.’’

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