Olympics! Links

Posted by: adamw

Boy, the Olympic hockey has been great, and it’s not breaking news to say that here. You can read all about it on other sites that are more devoted to this subject — although clearly we have a vested interest in following it here because of all the former college players on Team USA, just like the World Juniors.

But in the mean time, check out this link at BroncoHockey, which is simply linking out to somewhere else, talking about Mike Milbury’s dumb comments from last night’s Canada-Russia game. Not that dumb comments from Milbury is anything new (he’s an embarrassment to the U.S. and Colgate University), but this took the cake.


Russia did not show much heart last night, that’s for sure. But Milbury’s well-worn, tired, anti-Russia bias came shining through. Any wonder why he stunk as a general manager?

The you can check out our story on whether college players will be returning to the Olympics in 2014.


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