WCHA Power Rankings: Abbreviated Week 9 Edition

Posted by: Dan Myers

Hi folks, I wanted to hop on and give my power rankings for the week… There is some sort of illness traveling around the Myers household this weekend however (Ebola, it seems like), so this won’t be long.

I will blog again at some point this weekend and I am very excited to take in my first live Michigan Tech game this season (something I thought I’d never say).

Here we go:

1 — Minnesota Duluth (Last week: 1)

They kept winning. They stay here.

2 — Minnesota (Last week: 2)

Read above.

3 — Colorado College (Last week: 4)

They won and didn’t lose, so they moved up.

4 — Denver (Last week: 5)

They lost, but they still moved up. You’ll see why below.

5 — Nebraska-Omaha (Last week: 3)

Become the first team to lose to Huntsville this season and you must serve a mandatory one-week, two-spot drop penalty.

6 — North Dakota (Last week: 6)

Sweep UNO this weekend and the Sioux are officially back (and will move up next week!).

7 — Bemidji State (Last week: 8 )

Took three of four points at SCSU. Not a bad weekend.

8 — St. Cloud State (Last week: 7)

Lost three of four points to Bemidji at home. A pretty bad weekend.

9 — Wisconsin (Last week: 9)

They didn’t play, so they stay here.

10 — Michigan Tech (Last week: 10)

Got swept by UMD. Nothing to be ashamed of there. Doesn’t get any easier in Minneapolis this weekend.

11 — Alaska-Anchorage (Last week: 11)

Bad weekend at home against North Dakota. SOME points would have been nice, but no dice.

12 — Minnesota State (Last week: 12)

Availed themselves nicely against Minnesota but came up empty. NEED to sweep Huntsville at home this weekend.

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