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PUCK Rankings for November 6th, 2006

Monday, November 6th, 2006

Our new PUCK Rankings are a weird beast. They give a lot of respect to teams that don’t lose often despite the strength of their opponents, and no respect for losing teams despite their “brand name” reputations. Sometimes it has a heart. It knows when a team had a tough loss and takes it into consideration. That being said when you lose a couple of times, especially to a weak team, you get yourself knocked down or off the rankings fairly quickly, especially this early in the season.

New Hampshire and TAFKAF make their debuts on CHN Blog’s PUCK Rankings this week, and we bid adieu to Michigan Tech who we had hoped was the real deal but was punished badly after back-to-back losses to Colorado College over the weekend. The same goes for defending ECAC Co-Champ Dartmouth who was swept by Clarkson and SLU. Cornell benefits from it’s undefeated record, but a loss from Harvard or Dartmouth could see it slide dramatically.

It’s a work in progress.. Things will only become more clear grasshoppers.
CHN Blog “PUCK” Rankings
November 6, 2006

Rank Team Record Last Week
1 Maine 7-0-1 1
2 Minnesota 8-1-0 3
3 Boston College 5-2-0 2
4 North Dakota 6-3-1 4
5 Cornell 4-0-0 13
6 Notre Dame 6-1-1 7
7 Miami 7-3-0 5
8 Michigan State 4-2-0 9
9 Clarkson 6-1-1 15
10 Wisconsin 4-4-2 6
11 New Hampshire 4-2-0 NR
12 Boston University 2-1-3 10
13 Michigan 5-3-0 12
14 UMass-Amherst 4-1-1 16
15 Yale 3-1-0 14
16 The Alaska Formerly Known as Fairbanks 5-1-2 NR

CHN Blog’s “PUCK” Rankings (10/30/2006)

Monday, October 30th, 2006

People love polls. People love to argue about polls. We at the CHN Blog *heart* controversy, and quite frankly there certainly hasn’t been enough in college hockey this year. So we felt the best way to accomplish this was to create our own weekly rankings.

We know some people believe that KRACH is the be all, end all system for finding the best team. The NCAA says “unofficially” rolls with the Pairwise. Many fans flock to polls that require some sort of human intervention, where sometimes you get ridiculous votes for teams that haven’t even played yet, or are performing horrifically. We’ve seen some Ivy League schools that can remain ranked for weeks despite getting schooled multiple weekends in a row.

So we tasked ourselves to come up with something that we hope will make the college hockey picture a bit clearer, and even if it doesn’t, you can go right ahead and shoot us down in the comments as much as you’d like. We won’t feel bad.

So without further ado I present to you our first ever edition of the CHN Blog “PUCK” Rankings.

CHN Blog “PUCK” Rankings
October 30, 2006

Rank Team Record Last Week
1 Maine 6-0-0
2 Boston College 4-1-0
3 Minnesota 6-1-0
4 North Dakota 5-3-0
5 Miami 6-2-0
6 Wisconsin 3-3-2
7 Notre Dame 5-1-0
8 Dartmouth 2-0-0
9 Michigan State 3-1-0
10 Boston University 2-1-1
11 Michigan Tech 5-1-0
12 Michigan 4-2-0
13 Cornell 2-0-0
14 Yale 2-0-0
15 Clarkson 4-1-1
16 UMass-Amherst 2-1-1

These rankings have not been deemed “official” CHN Rankings by the editorial staff. Maybe someday when we prove our ultimate wisdom, but not today. Still enjoy.