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PUCK Rankings

Tuesday, January 16th, 2007

CHN Blog “PUCK” Rankings
January 16th, 2006

Rank Team Record Last Week
1 Minnesota 20-2-3 1
2 New Hampshire 17-3-1 2
3 Notre Dame 19-4-1 5
4 St. Cloud State 14-4-4 4
5 Maine 14-5-2 3
6 Denver 17-7-2 8
7 Clarkson 13-5-3 7
8 Boston College 12-6-1 11
9 Michigan State 14-8-1 10
10 Boston University 10-4-6 12
11 Miami 17-8-1 6
12 Colorado College 14-9-1 9
13 Michigan 15-9-5 12
14 Vermont 12-8-2 16
15 Cornell 9-6-2 15
16 North Dakota 11-11-2 NR

Bumped: Bemidji State


Monday, January 8th, 2007

CHN Blog “PUCK” Rankings
January 8th, 2006

Rank Team Record Last Week
1 Minnesota 19-1-3 1
2 New Hampshire 16-3-1 2
3 Maine 14-3-2 4
4 St. Cloud State 14-3-3 5
5 Notre Dame 17-4-1 3
6 Miami 16-7-1 6
7 Clarkson 13-5-1 13
8 Denver 15-7-2 8
9 Colorado College 13-8-1 9
10 Michigan State 12-8-1 15
11 Boston College 10-6-1 7
12 Michigan 13-8-0 11
13 Boston University 8-4-6 12
14 Bemidji State University 12-5-3 NR
15 Cornell 9-5-1 15
16 Vermont 11-8-1 10

Bumped: University of Massachusettes – Amherst

PUCK Rankings for December 4th, 2006

Monday, December 4th, 2006

No movement in the top four of this week’s PUCK Rankings although Minnesota came dangerously close to seeing their 14 game unbeaten streak end on Friday. Denver takes a beating after being swept by archrival Colorado College dropping seven spots to #15. St. Cloud continues to impress rising up to the #6 position after sweeping a strong Michigan Tech squad, making it six in a row. Aside from that, not a lot of movement except at the bottom, where Clarkson, Cornell and UMass all return to the rankings after picking up points, along with Yale, Michigan State and Michigan Tech not being able to make it through the weekend unscathed.

CHN Blog “PUCK” Rankings
December 4th, 2006

Rank Team Record Last Week
1 Minnesota 13-1-3 1
2 New Hampshire 11-2-1 2
3 Maine 9-3-1 3
4 Notre Dame 12-3-1 4
5 Miami 13-5-0 6
6 St. Cloud State 8-3-3 8
7 Boston College 8-4-1 9
8 Michigan 12-5-0 5
9 Colorado College 10-5-1 13
10 North Dakota 7-6-1 11
11 Vermont 9-5-1 12
12 Boston University 5-3-5 10
13 Cornell 8-3-1 NR
14 University of Massachusetts-Amherst 7-3-2 NR
15 Denver 9-6-1 7
16 Clarkson 10-5-1 NR

Bumped: Michigan State, Michigan Tech, Yale

BC / BU Postponed due to fog?!

Friday, December 1st, 2006

mk2.jpgYep. You heard right. They called the Boston College / Boston University game due to fog after about nine minutes of play at Conte Forum this evening. The combination of the temperature being near 70 degrees in Boston ahead of the big storm, the air saturated with moisture, and the A/C failing being non-existent at Conte, it didn’t take long for rink to fill with fog once the players hit the ice. No word yet on rescheduling this one and if it’ll start from scratch or midway through the game. No the picture is not from the game, but you could understand why you might not want to play in the fog.

PUCK Rankings for November 20th, 2006

Monday, November 20th, 2006

If there’s one thing this season has proved week in and week out, it’s that parity is the name of the game. Minnesota ascends to the top spot this weekend after a sweep of Wisconsin, while Maine slides down to the #2 spot after a tough OT loss to Boston College. Nearly everyone in last week’s PUCK Rankings took home a W last week with the exception of North Dakota which is free-falling from #3 to #13 after being swept by UAA. Michigan Tech gets some tough love after losing to Denver 1-0, and tying the following evening. Dartmouth is also knocked off, still trying to find its stride along with the rest of the teams that were considered top contenders in the ECACHL at the beginning of the season. Welcome to the PUCK Rankings SCSU and Colorado College. SCSU had a convincing weekend series against Clarkson, sweeping the Golden Knights by a combined scored of 11-2, while CC swept Minnesota State by a wide margin.

CHN Blog “PUCK” Rankings
November 13th, 2006

Rank Team Record Last Week
1 Minnesota 10-1-2 2
2 Maine 8-2-1 1
3 Notre Dame 9-2-1 4
4 New Hampshire 7-2-1 5
5 Miami 10-4-0 10
6 Michigan 9-3-0 7
7 Boston College 7-3-1 8
8 Michigan State 6-3-1 9
9 Denver 7-4-1 13
10 UMass-Amherst 6-1-1 12
11 Yale 6-1-0 15
12 Cornell 6-2-0 6
13 North Dakota 6-5-1 3
14 Boston University 3-2-4 11
15 St. Cloud State 4-3-3 NR
16 Colorado College 7-4-1 NR

Bumped: Michigan Tech, Dartmouth

Is the TOTW Cursed?

Tuesday, November 14th, 2006

Clarkson, Boston College, Vermont… not Notre Dame.. but still, three out of four ain’t bad.wodonlasers.jpg We’re getting pretty certain over here that the TOTW is generally the kiss of death for the next weekend. My bet is on Denver for being next. I actually have no clue who the next TOTW is but sweeping Wisconsin who is a darling in the polls, seems to be the obvious choice. They’ll face Michigan Tech. Based on the past few weeks, I’m calling it: Michigan Tech 14, Denver 1 and Michigan Tech 2, Denver 1 (ot.) Sorry Damien and Pioneer fans, this isn’t about the team, this is about the curse (and me trying to jinx the curse that jinxes teams, lest you want Mr. Wodon to continue to shoot lasers out of his eyes at your squads.)

(edit: Denver IS CHN’s Team of the Week)

PUCK Rankings for November 13th, 2006

Monday, November 13th, 2006

Cornell and Maine both lost their first games of the season but it didn’t do much damage a as both solidly remain in the top half of this week’s PUCK Rankings. Clarkson couldn’t avoid the TOTW curse and was soundly ejected from the rankings after being swept off the rankings along with Wisconsin, giving way to new PUCK Ranking entry Denver. Michigan Tech and Dartmouth arrive back on the scene as well. The one team to avoid the TOTW curse, Notre Dame continues their big run and moves up to #4 this week. Hockey East leader UMass-Amherst also continues to climb the rankings after another solid week, and New Hampshire is rewarded for knocking off the #1 Black Bears in style by jumping six spots up to #5.

CHN Blog “PUCK” Rankings
November 13th, 2006

Rank Team Record Last Week
1 Maine 8-1-1 1
2 Minnesota 8-1-2 2
3 North Dakota 6-3-1 4
4 Notre Dame 8-1-1 6
5 New Hampshire 5-2-1 11
6 Cornell 5-1-0 5
7 Michigan 7-3-0 13
8 Boston College 6-3-0 3
9 Michigan State 5-2-1 8
10 Miami 8-4-0 7
11 Boston University 2-1-4 12
12 UMass-Amherst 5-1-1 14
13 Denver 6-4-0 NR
14 Dartmouth 4-2-0 NR
15 Yale 4-1-0 15
16 Michigan Tech 6-3-1 NR

Bumped: Clarkson, TAFKAF, Wisconsin

Hockey is for Weekends!

Tuesday, November 7th, 2006

If I was Boston College coach Jerry York, and I was creating a schedule for next year, aside from the Beanpot, I would avoid scheduling games on weekdays. For the second consecutive week, the Eagles have fallen, and fallen big, this time to Harvard at a sold out Bright Hockey Center 4-0 on Tuesday. I suspect a couple of the players tried to hop on the #86 and transfer over the Green Line instead of taking the team bus back to campus.

Freshman goalie Kyle Richter stood on his head in the victory stopping all 36 of BC’s shots in front of a sell-out crowd. Richter was initiated in his first collegiate game by Clarkson on Friday, but Coach Donato called his number on Tuesday and he obviously came through for the Crimson, helped along by a balanced scoring effort from the Harvard offense.

This opens up the Pandora’s Box once again. BC, where’s the consistency? Sweep Wisconsin, lose to Providence, shutout Vermont, lose to Harvard? And Harvard! Were you guys asleep at the wheel the first three games of the season? Can you make up the ground and still be a force in the ECAC? Three in the loss column is a lot to make up.

What are the Cornell fans thinking about this upcoming weekend now that Harvard has a notch in their belt? I suspect most were licking their chops, but suddenly it’s not so simple anymore.

PUCK Rankings for November 6th, 2006

Monday, November 6th, 2006

Our new PUCK Rankings are a weird beast. They give a lot of respect to teams that don’t lose often despite the strength of their opponents, and no respect for losing teams despite their “brand name” reputations. Sometimes it has a heart. It knows when a team had a tough loss and takes it into consideration. That being said when you lose a couple of times, especially to a weak team, you get yourself knocked down or off the rankings fairly quickly, especially this early in the season.

New Hampshire and TAFKAF make their debuts on CHN Blog’s PUCK Rankings this week, and we bid adieu to Michigan Tech who we had hoped was the real deal but was punished badly after back-to-back losses to Colorado College over the weekend. The same goes for defending ECAC Co-Champ Dartmouth who was swept by Clarkson and SLU. Cornell benefits from it’s undefeated record, but a loss from Harvard or Dartmouth could see it slide dramatically.

It’s a work in progress.. Things will only become more clear grasshoppers.
CHN Blog “PUCK” Rankings
November 6, 2006

Rank Team Record Last Week
1 Maine 7-0-1 1
2 Minnesota 8-1-0 3
3 Boston College 5-2-0 2
4 North Dakota 6-3-1 4
5 Cornell 4-0-0 13
6 Notre Dame 6-1-1 7
7 Miami 7-3-0 5
8 Michigan State 4-2-0 9
9 Clarkson 6-1-1 15
10 Wisconsin 4-4-2 6
11 New Hampshire 4-2-0 NR
12 Boston University 2-1-3 10
13 Michigan 5-3-0 12
14 UMass-Amherst 4-1-1 16
15 Yale 3-1-0 14
16 The Alaska Formerly Known as Fairbanks 5-1-2 NR


Sunday, November 5th, 2006

One of the things I’ve found with this season so far is that I’m always looking forward to checking out the scores because anything and everything seems to happen. Having the scores CHN Wireless Scoreboard has made it even better, with the exception of the data fees that I accrue by refreshing constantly.

Some of the games and thoughts that had me watching the cell phone this weekend:

  • Michigan State beating Michigan 7-4 on Friday night, which comes as no surprise to Spartan Fans, but then Michigan taking their first in nine games the following night 6-2.
  • Ok, so maybe not true on the phone for Friday, because I was there, but definitely on Saturday, Clarkson sweeping on the road for the first time in four years, knocking off Harvard and Dartmouth, while maintaining one of the most potent offenses in the country.
  • St. Lawrence also opening the ECAC slate with a sweep. Big deal for suCh a young team.
  • UMass makess our PUcK Rankings, then sweeps Providence. That really makes us feel good. UMass has had a very solid opening few weeks, and I still feel they’re underrated.
  • Michigan Tech getting swept by Colorado College. Is their ranking in jeopardy? Did everyone overhype and is this the letdown, or was this just a little stumbling block?
  • Boston University coming back to tie Maine on Saturday Night after being down 2-0 early on.
  • How about those Fighting Irish? A win and a tie against Ohio State. They’re still on fire.
  • Alaska. Still undefeated in CCHA play.