Hobey Hopefuls

Posted by: adamw

Hate to agree with the Sioux fans — who seem to believe that if a UND player doesn’t win the Hobey every year, there’s a conspiracy against them — but J.P. Lamoureux, I figured, would’ve been in the top three. Thing people have to remember is, you’re not voted into the top 3, per se. The vote is taken among the 10 finalists. The three highest vote getters are then announced as the Hobey Hat Trick. Technically, the winner is already known — they just announce the three highest vote getters, and bring them to the Frozen Four for drama. The actual winner is kept secret. But there is no vote among the top three — the voting is already done.

Anyway, I thought Lamoureux would’ve gotten in over Gerbe. Gerbe’s great, but his antics turns people off. Jones is helped by his leadership and off-ice stuff. Anyway, Porter’s gonna win it. First time since BC defenseman Mike Mottau in 2001 that a WCHA player will not win the award.

Sioux fans have also been blasting us all day over not putting T.J. Oshie in our All-CHN team. Thing is, I was backing Oshie most of the year in the Hobey race. I love watching him play. I’m sure he’ll be a very good pro, and probably a better pro than some of the people who made the list. I’m sure of that. But that’s not what this is about. At the end of the day, we just thought that some players made a bigger impact on their team for this season.

But really, it’s just the opinion of our panel. Everyone thinks their guy should be in there. We made the call best we could. It’s just our stupid opinion, after all. There’s lots of great players out there. We enjoy watching them all. The stuff about ‘bias’ really just isn’t true — certainly not moreso than the bias of a rabid fan of your particular team. And that’s the way it should be.

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