Live from Denver

Posted by: Mike Machnik

The CHN crew has arrived in Denver, and everyone had the same question: Where are the mountains? It’s been overcast although somewhat warm, but snow is expected tomorrow and possibly Friday. It feels like it’s been following some of us. This morning I left Manchester, N.H., where the all-time record for snow came close to falling this year. Maybe it’s me.

Michigan has won seven of its nine NCAA titles in Colorado — although the first six came in the opening ten years of the tournament when it resided each year down the road in Colorado Springs. Michigan also won in 1964 in Denver over the hometown favorite Pioneers.

It should be an interesting week. Even though Michigan is the favorite on paper, I can see any of the four teams winning it. North Dakota and BC have done just about everything but win another title since 2000 & 2001, when they faced off two consecutive years in the final with each school winning once. And with the way they have flown under the radar this season, it wouldn’t surprise me to see Notre Dame finally win its first championship. Yet Michigan has been so consistent and so good. Looking forward to three pretty good games.

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