Wow. Just Wow.

Posted by: ron

skates.jpgChris over at Western College Hockey really digs up some gems, but this one has to be seen to be believed.

It appears that Michigan has a verbal commitment from 14 year old Jon Merill for the 2010 season. Even recruiting guru Chris Heisenberg has it listed on his recruiting page, so I’m assuming it must be true.

While, I understand the need to recruit a little younger, at some point someone is going to get burned here and I suspect the NCAA might step in. Then again, it’s not a true commitment unless it’s in writing.. I think.

In other news, my son should start skating in a year or so. Scouts are welcome to attend the session if they’re looking to get a jump on the 2019 recruiting cycle.

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  1. Mike Machnik Says:

    Right, a verbal is just that — a non-binding agreement. Of course for obvious reasons, both parties usually stick to the verbal and the majority of prospective student-athletes who give one to a school, do wind up going there. But until the National Letter of Intent is signed, either side can change its mind.

    In at least one case I can think of regarding a 15-year-old, the player appeared to use the commitment to up the ante with a team in the QMJHL, ultimately going there and never attending the school he had supposedly given a verbal to. That can happen with a player of almost any age, however it may be more likely with younger players before they start down one path or the other.

    I’m going to guess that Merrill contacted Michigan himself and decided to give them a verbal. That may not be so unusual, but the fact that a school would agree at such a young age does seem unusual. They could not have contacted him themselves (until after his HS junior year).

    Note that Chris has the Merrill commitment on his 2007-08 page, which shows you how unusual it is to have a 2010 commitment.

    And I figured my five-month-old could at least wait until she could walk before lacing ’em up, but maybe we need to reassess that…