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Posted by: Mike McMahon

We are blogging live from the Verizon Wireless Arena in Manchester, NH. The Boston College Eagles and the Miami RedHawks battle for a trip to St. Louis.

5:01p – It looked like BC had taken a 3-0 lead but it was ruled no-goal, here’s how it happened:
Pat Gannon took a shot from the right boards – Zatkoff made the initial save but the puck squirted back out in front. Matt Price was crashing the net and ended up on top of Zatkoff as Mike Brennan flew in from the blueline and knocked the puck out of mid-air into the net. However, since the puck left the crease and Price was on top of Zatkoff, it was ruled no-goal.

BC 2, UNH 0 – 5:40, 2nd 

4:41p – It’s Rooney again. He steals the puck from Robbins and wraps around for the goal.

BC 2, MIA 0 – 13:48, 2nd 

4:36p – BC takes the 1-0 lead. Benn Ferriero came in on ther right side and slashed towards the middle through Miami defender Brad Robbins and fed Joe Rooney for the one-timer in the left circle.

BC 1, MIA 0 – 16:48, 2nd 

4:17p – End of the first period and we are scoreless. Miami has outshot BC 11-6 through the first frame and Brian Boyle and Nathan Davis were having a long conversation with the officials as they were leaving the ice.  

4:08p – Either a lot of people from Miami flew out last night, or there are a lot of UNH fans still around that are cheering against BC because it sounds like the building is pro-RedHawk. Speaking of the building, we are a about 3/4 full. Jersey roll call (so far): 

That’s all for now anyway

4:04p – And the officials are whistle happy in Manchester – Motherwell (holding) and Filangieri (slashing) are in the box for BC, meanwhile on the otherside Kaufman (hooking) and Steffes (slashing) are in the box for Miami. 

4:01p – Brett Motherwell takes ANOTHER penalty for the Eagles and the RedHawks are back on the power play.  

3:52p – Boyle just went off for obstruction-hooking (his second penalty in the first ten minutes) and for Miami, great timing with a TV timeout to rest their top-line of Jones, Davis and Kaufman 

3:45p – Brian Boyle goes off for high-sticking, so now the RedHawks will actually have an eight second power play. Then it will be four-on-four again. SO for those of you not paying attention, that means that the Eagles will have only spent 1:08 of Guerin’s five-minute major actually on the power play

3:42p – Ryan Jones just cut in front while shorthanded and drew a penalty when BC’s Motherwell slashed him. Four-on-four hockey for th enext 2 minutes

BC 0, MIA 0 – 15:45, 1st 

3:39p – Marty Guerin just got a 5:00 major for hitting BC’s Tim Filangieri from behind. He gets to sit down for the night.  

3:34p – The puck is about to drop 


6:32p – UPDATE: Petizian was rolled onto his back as a doctor came out to the ice along with the Saints’ trainers. Petizian got back up slowly and skated right towards the crease putting his mask back on and getting right back into position.

6:24p – A silence has come over the crowd in Manchester after Saint Lawrence freshman goaltender Alex Petizian went down after apparently taking a puck off the throat. Petizian has been down on the ice for several minutes and is flat on his stomach and not moving. 

5:31p – Scratch that – SLU just scored their first of the game to make it 2-1. The Saints are also outshooting BC 13-10.

BC 2, SLU 1 – 17:40, 2nd 

5:30p – After getting UNH quotes (and some dinner of course), we are back upstairs at the Verizon Wireless Arena. BC just scored their second of the game and hold a 2-0 lead over St. Lawrence in the second period.

BC 2, SLU 0 – 19:06, 2nd 

3:37p – We have our second fourth seed beating a one seed in the tournament. The Wildcats’ season is over and the RedHawks move on.  

3:34p – UNH is in the power play with 27.7 left. Miami just took their time out.  

3:31p – Alec Martinez just got called for interference in front of the net for the Wildcats will have a power play in 18 seconds after Mike Radja’s penalty expires.

UNH 1, MIA 2 – 0:58, 3rd 

3:23p – WAKE UP CALL! Mike Radja just scored a shorthanded goal and the fish is finally on the ice at the Verizon Wireless Arena. Radja was being hauled down and stilled flipped the puck up on his backhand with only one hand on his stick. The UNH fans are awake and just got reprimanded by the PA announcer for throwing the fish on the ice.

UNH 1, MIA 2 – 4:45, 3rd 

3:15p – The wind was taken completely out of the Verizin Wireless Arena after Miami scored its second goal. UNH fans are sitting on their hands and are starting to come to the realization that their season is all but over. … That is unless their offense stops sitting on their hands too.

UNH 0, MIA 2 – 7:55, 3rd 

2:54p – Miami just took a 2-0 lead 39 seconds into the second period. The puck looked like it hit Nathan Davis in front – either way it’s now 2-0 RiverHawks and the Wildcats’ season is at stake.

UNH 0, MIA 2 – 18:47, 3rd 

2:36p – The score stays the same through two perionds. UNH really turned on the jets in that frame looking as if they woke up after a sluggish start. The building is now about 75% full and there are not a lot of BC and St. Lawrence fans here yet, so it should be full by the time this game ends.

UNH 0, MIA 1 – End of 2nd 

2:30p – Miami’s Jeff Zatkoff has turned away all the shots shots that UNH has thrown his way thus far. The Wildcats have had a barrage of shots in the last five minutes and are starting to pour it on (at least in shots, they still haven’t scored). Mike Radja had the best chance of the period for UNH.

UNH 0, MIA 1 – 2:34, 2nd 

2:27p – Miami’s Ganzak goes off for holding – UNH on the power play again

UNH 0, MIA 1 – 4:50, 1st 

2:17p – Fornataro had a nice bid to tie the game but was hooked by Ray Eichenlaub so UNH goes on the power play. The scoring chance woke up a relatively quiet Arena.

UNH 0, MIA 1 – 11:11, 2nd 

2:12p – UNH takes another penalty, this time Charlebois goes off for interference. Miami power play again. 

2:07p – Some great up and down play Nathan Davis and Miami as well as Mike Radja’s line for UNH.

UNH 0, MIA 1 – 15:21, 2nd 

2:03p – Miami’s Mitch Ganzak interferes with UNH goaltender Kevin Regan and we have some four-on-four hockey.

UNH 0, MIA 1 – 17:42, 2nd 

2:01p – Right after they went back to even-strength, Greg Collins took a slashing call 48 seconds into the second period so the RedHawks are back on the power play.

UNH 0, MIA 1 – 18:49, 2nd 

1:59p – Despite UNH outshooting the RedHawks 12-7, Miami has controlled the play. UNH looks more like the team that lost to Boston College last Saturday night.

UNH 0, MIA 1 – End of 1st 

1:42p – Thomas Forntey goes off for hooking and the RedHawks will get another power play.

UNH 0, MIA 1 – 1:00, 1st 

1:29p – As Mike Machnik put it, “UNH looks like the team that has been on the layoff.” At least in the early going Miami is the one out-performing the Wildcats in every facet of the game. UNH’s power play has been offside an alarming three times in just four minutes.

UNH 0, MIA 1 – 7:19, 1st 

1:27p – With the UNH power play over, the RedHawks come back and almost net their second of the game. Joe Cooper’s centering pass gets bounced around and ends up under Kevin Regan. Cooper then gets called for interference on the faceoff and UNH is back on the PP

UNH 0, MIA 1 – 8:39, 1st 

1:22p – Michael Findorff goes off for a hook and the Wildcats will enjoy their first man-advantage of the game.
UPDATE: As I write this, Jeff Zatkoff just made thre incredible saves, two at the top of the crease, to keep the game 1-0. UNH still on the PP

UNH 0, MIA 1 – 10:50, 1st

1:20p – The building is about half-full with the Boston College and St. Lawrence fans still not arriving at the arena yet. There are some kicking around, but not nearly the contigent that is sure to be here closer to 4:30.

1:16p – Bobby Butler goes off for a hook and Miami goes on the power play. 

1:11p – The goal marks the first time that Miami has had the lead in 10 years. They are 0-4 in their four NCAA tournament games and have had the lead just once – a loss to Cornell in 1997. 

1:08p – It took just 1:47 and the fourth seed takes the 1-0 lead. Nathan Davis puts home the rebound off a Brian Kaufman shot

UNH 0, UMO 1 – 18:00, 1st 

1:07p – The puck has dropped and the first game is underway.

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