The CHN 64

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Oddly enough, the CHN 64 National Title Game ended up being a preview of tonight’s second game. 

Check out the bracket for the Frozen Four results. 


We have our Frozen Four games set … check out the bracket. I’ll sim these games before the actual Frozen Four to see if we can accurately predict anything. Two teams (BC and UND) made it to the FF, as well as Wisconsin (not in the real NCAA Tournament) and Michigan. 


Just want to let all of you folks know that the Sat. and Sun. games will be updated tomorrow. I didn’t want to update over the weekend in an attempt to not take away from the real tournament. Look for updates during the day/night tomorrow! 


Before I share with you the results for the 6pm and 9pm games and complete our first round, I should share with you just how these games are being simulated. I am using the game called, “NHL Eastside Hockey Manager 2007”. You cannot play as college teams in the game, however if you play as an NHL team and are in the offseason, you can schedule tournaments. I basically just schedule an offseason tournament with the Boston Bruins (the team I picked to control) and seven NCAA teams that are in the game with the actual NCAA players (just the names are changed).

For example, Brian Boyle is the game is named Ryan Miskovic, however if you go to BC’s roster and click on that name, you will see Boyle’s career stats.

That is how I get not only a score, but SOG and PP numbers. Just so people know that I am not just pulling numbers out of thin air. Anyway, here are the 6pm and 9pm games to close out the first-round.  

College Hockey News 64

6pm games:
(5) Minnesota State over (12) Alabama-Huntsville, 3-2
(9) Bemidji State over (8) Harvard, 4-1
(5) St. Lawrence over (12) Wayne State, 3-2 (OT)
(2) Clarkson over (15) Canisius, 7-1

9pm games:
(7) Quinnipiac over (10) Providence, 2-1 (OT)
(4) Massachusetts over (13) Sacred Heart, 3-1
(3) Michigan State over (14) Connecticut, 4-1
(13) Army over (4) Colorado College, 2-0


The 3pm games are done; no upsets this time around.

College Hockey News 64

(2) North Dakota over (15) AIC, 5-0
(4) Maine over (13) Bowling Green, 2-1
(7) Ohio State over (10) Colgate, 4-1
(1) Notre Dame over (16) Manhattanville, 11-1 


The early first round games on Friday are complete, and we have our first pretty major upset.

College Hockey News 64

(10) Union over (7) Nebraska-Omaha, 4-3 (OT)
(12) Robert Morris over (5) Vermont, 1-0
(2) New Hampshire over (15) Oswego State, 6-2
(6) Alaska-Anchorage over (11) Alaska-Fairbanks, 2-0 


Sorry for the delay, but here are the 9pm results from the first round of the first day. We should be on schedule tomorrow.

Here are the scores, and once again boxes are on the bracket:

College Hockey News 64

(6) Lake Superior over (11) Brown, 3-2
(6) Minnesota-Duluth over (11) Rensselaer, 6-5 (OT)
(4) Michigan Tech over (13) Air Force, 2-1 (OT)
(3) Boston University over (14) Mercyhurst, 1-0 


Well the 6pm games are complete before they were even supposed to start! How’s that for quickness! Here are the results – mini box scores are available by clicking the link of each games’ score on the bracket.

College Hockey News 64

(3) Denver over (14) Merrimack, 3-0
(3) Wisconsin over (14) Bentley, 4-1
(11) UMass Lowell over (6) Dartmouth, 4-2
(2) Michigan over (15) Holy Cross, 8-1 


The 3pm games are complete … the 6pm games will be updated around 5:00 EST because I’ll be on the road. The 9pm games will likely be updated around 12am.

Here are the results for the 3pm games, remember click the score links on the bracket for further breakdown:

College Hockey News 64

(9) Northern Michigan over (8) Cornell, 4-1
(8) Northeastern over (9) Ferris State, 3-2 (2-OT)
(9) Princeton over (8) Niagara, 3-2
(5) Miami-Ohio over (12) RIT, 4-3 (OT) 


The early games of the first round started a bit earlier than expected because I had a meeting come about. Regardless, here are the results from the 12pm games. The 3pm games should be done this afternoon, and the night games tonight. For those of you that have no clue what I’m talking about, just scroll down a bit.

You can actually click the link on the bracket of any particular game after it is played and you’ll see some notes – score by period, SOG, etc. Here are just the winners:

College Hockey News 64

(1) Minnesota over (16) UMass-Dartmouth, 8-0
(1) St. Cloud State over (16) St. Norbert, 7-1
(1) Boston College over (16) Middlebury, 9-2
(7) Western Michigan over (10) Yale, 4-3

The NCAA Basketball Tournament has 64 teams, why doesn’t the hockey tournament?

Well the answer is really quite simple – there are not 64 Division-I hockey teams in the country. But, what if you took the 59 Division 1 teams and added the top five Division-III teams in the country?

That’s exactly what we did in the first annual, “CHN 64” – first round play starts tomorrow!

College Hockey News 64

There is a link to the bracket below; feel free to check it out and the games will be “played” on the day in which they are scheduled per the bracket. I am going to do my best to add results at numerous points throughout the day in the order in which they are “scheduled” (i.e. the 12pm games on a specific day updated around 2:30pm, etc.), but the results will be updated at the end of each day at the very least.

The seedings were based on the KRACH rankings, as well as some playing with the numbers to avoid conference matches in the first round (something that we all know actually does happen).

Of course this is all fictional, but feel free to follow along and talk about it here on the blog. I’ll post the results on the bracket as we go along, as well as a score and brief summary of each game on the blog.

College Hockey News 64

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  1. ron Says:

    How the heck did Syracuse get a regional for a prestigious tournament such as this!?

  2. Mike McMahon Says:

    Because they are getting a Division 1 team soon 🙂

    And I looked ahead to see where future regionals will be held!

    Technically I used the same cities for the regional championships as in this year’s NCAA (Denver, GR, Manchester, Rochester). But like the basketball tourney, the first and second round games are spread out.

  3. realet Says:

    Wow, there are two new spellings for “Rensselaer” I’ve never seen before. 🙂

    Mike, do yourself a favor and switch to “RPI.” 😛