Hockey Coming to the Cuse?!

Posted by: ron

According to the Syracuse Post-Standard, Syracuse University plans to cut the Men’s and Women’s Swimming programs at the school in favor of starting a Women’s Ice Hockey program which would begin play in the Fall of 2008. Syracuse has fielded a club Men’s Hockey program which currently plays in the ACHA Division I.

What does this mean? Well, we’re not really sure yet, but it certainly opens the door for a full expansion of Syracuse Hockey into Men’s and Women’s Division I. While the safe bet is for them to enter into Atlantic Hockey, Brett and I couldn’t help but think about the possibility of them joining the ECACHL and taking a team like RIT or Niagara with them. Suddenly Upstate NY would be buried with college hockey. Of course that would mean 14 teams, conferences folding up, multiple divisions…. but hey, that’s what the summer and beer are for. With the Buffalo Sabres capturing the hearts of the fans in the area, more hockey might be what the doctor ordered.

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