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– It’s good to see the North Dakota issue starting to get hammered out. The NCAA and the state reached a settlement that requires the University to get approval from the Sioux tribes in the state within three years. If that doesn’t happen, then they must find a new nickname. Seems to make sense to me, just why did it take this long and why all the pains with UND as opposed to schools playing in, more visible $port$ like football.

– For those of you who picked October 26th in the first mention of the Pairwise Rankings pool, congratulations. Had to laugh when I saw the front of USCHO today and saw that. It’s only a matter of time before people look at the system like they do the BCS where fans and journalists alike start sticking a fork in team’s seasons because of an early season loss or two.

– Good to see some of the pro arenas taking advantage of college hockey action in the regular season. Most notably this week (and personally) for me the RIT / Cornell matchup at the Blue Cross Arena, in Rochester, NY. RIT is Rochester’s only college with a Division I sport until you get out to Geneva to see Hobart’s lacrosse program. Rochester is turning into a hot bed for high school hockey, and the exposure to fans in the area is a big deal. In the past year they’ve now hosted NCAA regionals, Atlantic Hockey championships, and a few other tilts.
– Always fun to look at polls, where a writer felt UNH was the number one team in the country after the Wildcats first victory of the season. Beating an 0-2-1 BU team after a loss to New Brunswick must’ve been impressed the heck out of someone familiar with the Durham Area.

– Two times in two years a game has been postponed or cancelled at BC because of the foggy conditions due to unseasonably warm temperatures. I suspect a new bulletpoint in the next Al Gore movie is in order. Of course, if the BC people were like I am with television sets in electronics, I’d totally use this as an excuse to get a new arena…

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  1. tumhbg Says:

    You obviously haven’t seen James vanRiemsdyk yet…

  2. tumhbg Says:

    this team is an iceberg and he is its tip – this team could sink the Titanic.