Princeton Power

Posted by: adamw

Princeton doesn’t have the largest travelling contingent. In fact, it’s usually non-existent. Which is a shame, but what can you do. But when the Tigers take the ice this afternoon against Colgate in the ECAC semis, they will have vocal support here for the first time ever, beyond family. …. The Princeton lacrosse team, coincidentally, had a game at the University of Albany today. So the whole team is coming to the Arena to rowdily cheer on the Tigers. They were really vocal in last Sunday’s quarterfinal Game 3 against Yale. Should be fun.

So, we’re here at the TUC – me and Avash Kalra. Shouldn’t be confused with “Team Under Consideration” — no, this is the Times Union Center.  Used to be the Pepsi Center.  In fact, my GPS still thinks it is.  Before that, it had a “normal” name, the Knickerbocker Arena.  Friggin’ corporate names.  Who can keep up?  At least this one is named after a newspaper — I’m a fan of those. Don’t get me wrong, I like Pepsi – I just wish arenas weren’t named after it ….. oh, like the one the Frozen Four will be at this year.

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