WCHA Semifinal Night Game: UM(2) v. CC(1) OT

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1st Period Notes

Could be me making mountains out of molehills, but the ref tonight isn’t Darren Shepard (who I thought by contract reffed every Gopher game), rather it’s Don Adam. Whether this means that Shepard is actually hurt as it appeared last night or whether he needed “to spend time with his family,” I don’t know, the only thing I do know is that Shepard is a scratch this evening. On a less important note, the game is tied and UM is controlling the pace early on.

Big breakaway save by CC goaltender Richard Bachman on UM’s Justin Bostrom. Early on, he’s showing why he’s the WCHA player of the year.

End of a scoreless (scoreless is code for boring) period. Stat of note:  CC shots = 20 while UM shots = 9.

2nd Period Notes

Goal – CC on the powerplay, just :39 seconds into the period off the stick of Andreas Vlassopoulos (say that five times fast). It was reviewed to see if any CC players were in the crease, as it was a pretty wild scrum in front just before the goal, but ultimately – and correctly – ruled a goal. Not much backstory to the goal other than there was about four shots to come at Kangas and the fifth went in. It was good pressure on CC’s part during the powerplay, but it’s not like UM was out of position or anything, they were just a man down, which is apparently what happens when your team is called for a penalty. Post-goal, the X has become eerily quiet.

Goal – UM at 1:54 by Mike Hoeffel. CC turned the puck over in its own zone, UM’s Jay Barriball stole the puck and centered it to Hoeffel, who fired a laser of a one-timer top right corner of the net. CC’s Bachman had no chance, the shot was nearly perfect. This time post-goal, the X became incredibly loud – coincidence? Say what you want about UM during the year, since playoffs began, they are playing with incredible poise, especially considering the minutes they have logged in the past week and a half. Counting its three overtime marathons against Minnesota State Mankato, I think they have played something like 6 or 7 games in as many days.

End of second period. No action to mention, game has lacked intensity.

3rd Period Notes

8:36 left in the game, still 1-1, pretty evenly matched, chances are about equal. Nothing spectacular nor hogwash.

Listening to the UM fans, it reminds me of a line from George Carlin’s standup. It goes something to the effect that all drivers that driver slower than you are idiots and all that drive faster than you are maniacs. In that vein, to UM fans, every time ref Don Adam calls a penalty in the UM’s favor he’s a genius and every time he calls one against UM he’s a moron. Fans are always going to be bias for their teams, but UM fans are like bias times 10.

Under 3 minutes left, still tied. Momentum in UM favor.

Ends in a tie, we’re going to OT.

OT Notes

Little under 5 minutes into OT, both sqauds exchanging decent chances. Right now, the edge has to go to UM with its fans.

Goal – UM at 4:47. Quickly, Mike Hoeffel’s pass from the side tips off a CC stick, then off CC’s Bachman’s shoulder and into the net. Another goal that wasn’t his fault, but a product of driving the net hard by UM. They are playing some very good hockey right now. Very good. Off to interviews.

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