WCHA Championship: UM(1) v. DU(2)

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1st Period Notes

Puck just dropped. This place is dead – you’d think there’d be more people considering it’s being played in St. Paul, Minn., and UM’s in it.

Here’s how I know UM is rolling – goaltender Alex Kangas trips on his own stick, is sprawled back on the ice, and he still makes the save. I think the puck looks like a beachball to the kid right now, it’s unreal. Still scoreless at 13:30.

UM kills off a 5-on-3, but not without DU clanging one off the inside of the post. The stars have aligned for this team. Still scoreless at 8:42.

UM thinks its UND – all its players are scrumming. Still scoreless at 2:21.

Period ends scoreless. Most interestingly, the game is becoming increasingly physical and the agressor is by in large UM. Let’s see if this is just a 1st period trend or if it will be game long.

2nd Period Notes

You may as well put UM’s Alex Kangas’ legs on his head, because that’s what he’s been standing on all weekend. Still scoreless at 15:14.

Goal – UM at 5:39 scored by Ryan Flynn. An amazing display of hand-eye-coordination by Flynn as he tipped a shot from the point that was nearly at his chest. The play was briefly under review to see if Flynn’s stick was above the crossbar – it wasn’t and UM now takes a 1-0 lead.

I don’t care what the coaches and players say, UM having a home crowd is a factor. No doubt about it.

Goal – DU at 9:50 by Tyler Bozek. Pretty bad bounce for UM as the goal derived from a corner centering feed by Bozek which hit the skate of UM defenseman Cade Fairchild and then veered into the net past UM’s Alex Kangas. The way Kangas has played, this sort of flukiness is about the only way he’s going to get scored on. 1-1 now at 10:15.

Game still tied 1-1 at 2:30. Teams are exchanging chances, it’s fun hockey to watch.

Goal – DU at 19:35 by Tom May. May gets lost behind the defense, gets a good pass and makes the most of it. He beats UM’s Kangas through the legs to put DU up 2-1 right before the second intermission. Let’s see how UM responds, either immediately or in the 3rd period.

Period over, UM’s comeback will have to wait until at least then.

3rd Period Notes

Refs beware – Mankato coach Troy Jutting just found out his team is all but out of the NCAA tournament and he’s fuming. I just overheard him venting to UND’s T.J. Oshie’s father, who, for no apparent reason, has press credentials.

Oh yeah, the game just started, 2-1 DU at 19:32.

Refs just missed an accidental – but blatant – high stick by DU. UM’s coach Don Lucia isn’t happy. That makes for two pissed WCHA coaches; where’s Dave Hakstol to round out the trio?

Some lady just won free tickets to next year’s Final Five and $250¬†bucks for her dance moves. Crazy.

Game still 2-1 DU at 11:47.

UM to go on the powerplay at 10:12; the call gets the crowd back into the game and offers UM a chance at finding a way back into this game. Let’s see if they capitalize.

They don’t.

2-1 DU at 2:30. A couple of calls that could have been made (subjective) by ref Todd Anderson. Needless to say (so why am I saying it?), UM fans aren’t pleased. This 3rd period has been marred with anger.

UM pulls its goalie at 18:37, 6-on-5 the rest of the way out.

DU wins 2-1. Great game all around.

2 Responses to “WCHA Championship: UM(1) v. DU(2)”

  1. letsgotech Says:

    Denver goal to tie it up at 1-1 went in off of a Gopher skate. Ouch for the Gophers, but Denver has been getting a lot of quality shots and it would be a different game if Kangas hadn’t made some fantastic saves.

  2. kvinbe Says:

    Sooner or later it had to come to an end. They’ve had their run. Now it’s time to get back to reality. They’ve grown a lot as a team and they’ve found a great goal-tender along the way, but now it’s time for an early exit from the NCAAs. Sorry Gopher fans.