Big Ten: A Look Into Corsi, Week Two

Posted by: Jashvina Shah

This week was a difficult one for the Big Ten. With Minnesota on a bye, the conference finished 2-7-1. Wisconsin and Ohio State were swept, with Michigan and Michigan State picking up the only conference wins.

I calculated Corsi statistics for Ohio State, Michigan, Penn State and Michigan State based on the statistics available. After looking at Ohio State’s stats, and the shot charts from various periods, it’s easy to see the Buckeyes had possession problems over the weekend.

Below is a list of the Corsi stats for those teams (I haven’t been able to put it into a table yet, so it’s still a long list). Below the stats, I provided a breakdown with context of each period. I hope this information will provide some more background to the stats.

Ohio State vs. Miami, 5-1 L

Period 1: 5v5: 25%, Total: 28.57%;
Period 2: 5v5: 30.30%, Total: 37.21%;
Period 3: 5v5: 52.38%, Total: 41.18%;
Total: 5v5: 33.33%, Total: 35.29%

Ohio State vs. Miami, 2-1 L

Period 1: 5v5: 18.52%, Total: 32.56%;
Period 2: 5v5: 18.87%, Total: 20.69%;
Period 3: 5v5: N/A, Total: N/A;
Total: 5v5: 18.75%, Total: 25.74%

Michigan State vs. UMass, 5-3 W

Period 1: 5v5: 68.18%, Total: 50%;
Period 2: 5v5: 57.14%, Total: 69.05%;
Period 3: 5v5: 40.63%, Total: 45.71%;
Total: 5v5: 53.66%, Total: 55.56%

Michigan State vs. UMass, 4-3 L

Period 1: 5v5: 39.39%, Total: 45.65%;
Period 2: 5v5: 68.75%, Total: 69.05%;
Period 3: 5v5: 40.63%, Total: 40.91%;
Total: 5v5: 49.48%, Total: 51.52%

Michigan vs. UNH, 5-1 L

Period 1: 5v5: 57.89%, Total: 60%;
Period 2: 5v5: 44%, Total: 44%;
Period 3: 5v5: 50%, Total: 43.59%;
Total: 5v5: 50%, Total: 49.64%

Michigan vs. UNH, 2-1 W

Period 1: 5v5: 58.62%, Total: 66.67%;
Period 2: 5v5: 48%, Total: 61.90%;
Period 3: 5v5: 38.46%, Total: 42.50%;
Total: 5v5: 48.75%, Total: 57.48%

Penn State vs. Alaska, 4-3 L

Period 1: 5v5: 52.78%, Total: 51.28%;
Period 2: 5v5: 50%, Total: 59.57%;
Period 3: 5v5: 52.63%, Total: 57.14%;
Total: 5v5: 51.89%, Total: 56.30%

Ohio State vs. Miami, 10/17/14, L, 5-1 

Miami scored both of its first-period goals on the power play on three attempted shots. The Buckeyes finished the period with a 5v5 Corsi of 25 percent and a total Corsi of 28.57 percent. In the second period, Miami added another goal to go up 3-0. Ohio State’s 5v5 Corsi improved to 30.30 percent, again allowing a power play goal. Miami’s domination on the power play continued in the third period. Ohio State scored its only goal of the game in the last frame and netted its highest Corsi percentage of the night at 52.38 5v5 and 41.18 total. For the whole game, the Buckeyes finished with a 5v5 Corsi of 35.29 percent and a total Corsi of 33.33 percent

Ohio State vs. Miami 10/18/14, L, 2-1

I could only calculate Corsi for two periods of this game, since there was no play-by-play data for the third. Much of the first period was spent on power plays, but Miami had seven shots on the penalty kill and dominated the even-strength playing time. Ohio State’s 5v5 Corsi was 18.52 percent, with a total Corsi of 32.56. The second period was also rough for the Buckeyes, as at one point the RedHawks rifled off 13 shots in a row. That left Ohio State’s 5v5 Corsi for the period at 18.52 percent and 18.75 percent for the game. For the period in total, Ohio State’s Corsi was 20.69 percent and 25.74 percent for the game.

Michigan State vs. UMass, 10/17/14, W, 5-3

In the first period, UMass took 13 of its 20 first-period shot attempts on the power play. The Spartans finished the period ahead 2-0, with a 5v5 Corsi of 61.18 percent. In the second, the Spartans had three power plays, attempting 13 shots and scoring a goal on the man advantage  attempts and scored a goal. UMass scored twice in the period and Michigan State added a goal of its own. For the period, Michigan State’s 5v5 Corsi was 57.14 percent, less than the total of 69.05 percent. In the third frame, the Spartans recorded two goals and a 5v5 Corsi of 45.71 percent.

Michigan State vs. UMass 10/18/14, L, 4-3

Michigan State’s Corsi dropped slightly from the first game to the second. In total, the Spartans allowed more attempted shots the second night, but blocked 22 shots as opposed to the 13 blocked shots in the victory. After recording a 5v5 Corsi of 39.39 percent in the first period, the Spartans recorded a 5v5 Corsi of 68.75 percent. In total, the Spartans finished with a 5v5 Corsi of 49.48 percent and a total Corsi of 51.52 percent.

Michigan vs. UNH, 10/17/14, L, 5-1

This loss was a difficult one for the Wolverines. Michigan came out controlling possession with 22 attempted shots, but UNH scored its first goal later on in the period. Michigan’s Corsi for the first period was 57.89 percent 5v5 and 60 percent total. UNH picked up its late first period momentum and scored three times in the second, and Michigan’s 5v5 Corsi dropped to 44 percent. In the third, Michigan scored its only goal of the game. In total, the Wolverines recorded a 5v5 Corsi of 49.65 percent.

Michigan vs. UNH 10/18/14, W, 2-1

There was no score in the first period, and the Wolverines had a 58.62 percent 5v5 Corsi. Michigan opened the second with two early goals, but the Wildcats followed with a shorthanded goal. For the period, Michigan’s 5v5 Corsi was 48 percent and its total Corsi was 61.90 percent. Michigan’s 5v5 Corsi dropped in the third, but for the game it was 48.75 percent.

Penn State vs. Alaska 10/18/14

For each period and the game, Penn State recorded a 5v5 Corsi of over 50 percent. In the second period, the Nittany Lions scored two goals to Alaska’s one and took the 3-2 lead. Penn State’s 5v5 Corsi for the period was 50 percent. In the third, Penn State gave up two goals to Alaska and recorded a 5v5 Corsi of 52.63 percent. For the game, Penn State fnished with a 5v5 Corsi of  51.89 percent and 56.30 percent total.

Make sure to check back next week for the third edition. This weekend I’ll actually get to see Michigan and Michigan State, so I’ll compare my observations with the stats I calculate.

You can also check out last week’s Corsi stats.

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