Long live the Rink Rat

Posted by: Mike Machnik

We were very disappointed to learn that as part of its restructuring after being bought by CBS, CSTV made a significant reduction in staff which included the services of Elliot Olshansky, also known as the CSTV Rink Rat.

Elliot discussed recent happenings on Runnin’ With the Dogs, and it certainly sounds like what we feared from the CBS takeover is coming to pass with regard to its commitment to college hockey.

If you never got a chance to read Elliot’s blog, I encourage you to do so, before it disappears. He did a great job of covering the game from a national perspective, traveling long and wide to see virtually all the teams. It was a unique read, the likes of which we may not see again.

Hopefully Elliot will still be able to remain involved and covering the sport that he and we all love. As the subject says, long live the Rink Rat.

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