Predict the NCAA selections with “You Are the Committee”

Posted by: Mike Machnik

Once again this year, CHN presents John Whelan’s terrific tournament prognostication tool, “You Are the Committee”. Have some fun playing around with it and post anything interesting you find out. We’ll be keeping an eye on it throughout the week and as the weekend results come in here at YATC Central. Load it up on your iPhone when you’re at the rink Saturday and amaze your friends as you tell them who’s going to make it before the games are even over.

Of note, if all the favorites win this weekend — of course, that never happens — then you can take the current top 13 and they’re all in, along with Princeton, Niagara and Air Force.

Can you find a scenario where Wisconsin gets in? The Badgers presumably want all the favorites to win, but Notre Dame looks like their biggest rival for what could be the last at large bid. If all the favorites win, except Notre Dame loses the CCHA consolation, then the Badgers sneak in ahead of the Irish. I’m sure that’s not the only way they can get in, but it does look like it may come down to those two teams.

How about a scenario where Minnesota State does not get in? I’m thinking the Mavericks are sitting pretty right about now, but I’m not ready to write that in stone yet.

Aside: Get well Tom Pohl.

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