Hobey Weirdness

Posted by: adamw

The Hobey finalists were named and this year’s group is strange. It almost seems like everyone realizes that Kevin Porter is the runaway winner, so the committee just threw a bone to a few other players that it likes. No offense to Michigan State’s Jeff Lerg, who is a very good goalie and tremendous competitor, and a national champion; by where is Miami’s Jeff Zatkoff and CC freshman Richard Bachman? Bachman just won WCHA Player of the Year. When is the last time a WCHA POTY was not a Hobey finalist?

Then there’s T.J. Oshie on the list. No doubt this North Dakota star is an exceptional talent, and he will have a good pro career. But his season, this year, just isn’t there start to finish. Where is CC forward Chad Rau, one of the best two-way players in the country? How about Boston University forward Peter MacArthur, a spiritual leader who has carried that team on his back at times? Porter’s linemate Chad Kolarik? It’s always a weird dynamic when two high-scoring players are on the same line – because their numbers look more gaudy because they compound on each other. But it never stopped the committee before from putting, for example, Marty Sertich and Brett Sterling both on the list.
Putting Princeton’s Lee Jubinville on there is a stretch, but he was just named ECAC Player of the Year, and I like him … so that’s a nice bone I have no problem with.

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