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What a phenomenal article by Kate Crandall of the Colorado Springs Gazette, finding out the names of details of all the particulars involving the situation that led to the suspensions of CC players Cody Lampl and Derek Patrosso. Patrosso is now back. The article says Lampl will indeed return to CC when his suspension is up next year.

I’d heard rumblings of this being a sexual escapade of some sort. The article describes the circumstances leading to a three-way with Lampl, a 19-year old girl, and an 18-year old recruit. Lampl contends everything was consensual, and the punishment excessive. The girl never pressed charges, and his claim is believable.

But this brings up much bigger issues, such as the on-campus culture when it relates to athletes, and in particular recruiting. … Backing up, the whole idea is just not right, for any of the students involved. I’m far from prude, and I cannot say that I’d never have wanted to in college participate in these things if I were a popular athlete. But, really, it’s not right – for anyone involved, including the girl.

But putting aside that moralizing, it’s more of a concern because of the campus culture and how it relates to athletes feeling privileged, and the whole recruiting environment. How many football programs have gotten in trouble because the coaching staff either turned a blind eye or actively encouraged showing recruits a “good time” as a way of wooing them to the program. In no way, shape or form am I accusing CC coach Scott Owens of this. I don’t doubt for a minute that he had no idea. But CC is right to protect itself against the appearance of such a thing being possible.

So Lampl may have cause to complain and be concerned that he was harshly treated. But, even if there was no crime, the school did the right thing to send a message about this kind of wide open behavior.

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  1. uaafanblog Says:

    What’s next? They find a CC player masturbating while looking a a shoe catalog and suspend him for his foot fetish ways?