Big Ten: A Look Into Corsi, Week Eight

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All Big Ten teams returned to non-conference action this weekend. The Gophers split a Boston road trip, defeating Boston College and losing to Northeastern. While Minnesota lost, the Badgers earned their first win of the season.

Michigan State split with Princeton, while the Wolverines swept RPI. Penn State dropped its match at MSG to Cornell. Ohio State rebounded from a 6-2 loss at the Shillelagh Tournament to defeat Notre Dame 5-1 on Saturday.

The only thing that stood out were Minnesota’s Corsi numbers against Boston College. The Gophers passed the 70 percent mark for possession in the first, and had a 60 percent 5-on-5 Corsi for the game.

As usual, the stats are listed below with context:

Wisconsin vs. Ferris State, T, 1-1

Period 1: 5v5: 52.17%, Total: 47.50%;
Period 2: 5v5: 45.95%, Total: 41.46%;
Period 3: 5v5: 31.03%, Total: 57.89%;
5v5: 23.08%, Total: 23.08%
Total: 5v5: 40.20%, Total: 41.86%

Wisconsin vs. Ferris State, W, 5-3

Period 1: 5v5: 40%, Total: 40.54%;
Period 2: 5v5: 44%, Total: 38.24%;
Period 3: 5v5: 26.09%, Total: 34.38%;
Total: 5v5: 36.76%, Total: 37.86%

Penn State vs. Cornell, L, 3-1

Period 1: 5v5: 59.38%, Total:59.38%%;
Period 2: 5v5: 50%, Total: 54.35%;
Period 3: 5v5: 65%, Total: 66.67%;
Total: 5v5: 59%, Total: 60.32%

Michigan vs. RPI, W, 3-2

Period 1: 5v5: 30.30%, Total: 37.84%;
Period 2: 5v5: 57.69%, Total: 59.46%;
Period 3: 5v5: 60.87%, Total: 60.78%;
Total: 5v5: 50.48%, Total: 53.60%

Michigan vs. RPI, W, 6-0

Period 1: 5v5: 57.14%, Total: 50%;
Period 2: 5v5: 68%, Total: 69.46%;
Period 3: 5v5: 36.36%, Total: 48.57%;
Total: 5v5: 54.67%, Total: 52.68%

Ohio State vs. Western Michigan, L, 6-2

Period 1: 5v5: 50%, Total: 56.67%;
Period 2: 5v5: 40%, Total: 44.19%;
Period 3: 5v5: 39.13%, Total: 40%;
Total: 5v5: 41.77%, Total: 46.94%

Ohio State vs. Notre Dame W, 5-1

Period 1: 5v5: 48.88%, Total: 47.06%;
Period 2: 5v5: 34.78%, Total: 37.5%;
Period 3: 5v5: 48%, Total: 43.18%;
Total: 5v5: 43.75%, Total: 43.14%

Michigan State vs. Princeton L, 3-1

Period 1: 5v5: 51.85%, Total: 56.67%;
Period 2: 5v5: 51.35%, Total: 56.10%;
Period 3: 5v5: 62.16%, Total: 64.81%;
Total: 5v5: 55.45%, Total: 60%

Michigan State vs. Princeton W, 4-2

Period 1: 5v5: 57.14%, Total: 61.54%;
Period 2: 5v5: 46.88%, Total: 48.89%;
Period 3: 5v5: 55%, Total: 45.16%;
Total: 5v5: 52.87%, Total: 52.17%

Minnesota vs. Boston College, W, 6-2

Period 1: 5v5: 70.83%, Total: 59.38%;
Period 2: 5v5: 63.33%, Total: 57.58%;
Period 3: 5v5: 48.15%, Total: 44.44%;
Total: 5v5: 60%, Total: 52.94%

Minnesota vs. Northeastern, L, 3-2

Period 1: 5v5: 47.83%, Total: 34.15%;
Period 2: 5v5: 60%, Total: 58.97%;
Period 3: 5v5: 51.11%, Total: 52.17%;
Total: 5v5: 53.06%, Total: 48.41%

Wisconsin vs. Ferris State, 11/28/14, T, 1-1

Since this was a 1-1 game, the entire contest counted as Corsi close. Wisconsin’s Corsi close was 40.20 percent during 5-on-5 play. At even strength play in the first, when both teams were scoreless, Wisconsin’s Corsi was 52.17 percent. Wisconsin’s 5-on-5 Corsi dropped in the third and OT periods to 31.03 and 23.08 percent.

Wisconsin vs. Ferris State, 11/29/14, W, 5-3

For this game, I counted Corsi close as the first two periods. At the end of both frames, Wisconsin led Ferris State 3-2. The Bulldogs tied it 2:09 into the third, but the Badgers retook the lead just a few minutes later. Over that period, Wisconsin’s Corsi close was 42.22 percent. Wisconsin’s third period Corsi was 26.09 percent, which makes sense given score effects (the Badgers entered the period with a lead). For the game, the Badgers finished with a Corsi of 36.76 percent.

Penn State vs. Cornell, 11/29/14, L, 3-1

The score remained close until the 11:28 mark in the third, when the Big Red pulled away with a 2-1 lead. Penn State’s 5-on-5 Corsi close was 56.79 percent. In the first, when Penn State took a 1-0 lead, the Nittany Lions recorded a 5-on-5 Corsi of 59.38 percent. The Big Red tied the game in the second, and Penn State’s 5-on-5 Corsi close for the period was 50 percent. For the game, it was 59 percent.

Michigan vs. RPI, 11/28/14, W, 3-2

Michigan’s Corsi close (counted as the first two periods and a several minutes into the third) in 5-on-5 play was 42.47 percent. The Wolverines held a 1-0 lead after the first period, when their Corsi was 30.30 percent. RPI tied the game in the second, but Michigan’s Corsi rose to 57.69 percent as the Wolverines scored two goals late to take the win. For the game, the Wolverines recorded a 50.48 percent Corsi in 5-on-5 play.

Michigan vs. RPI, 11/29/14, W, 6-0

This game wasn’t close for long, as the Wolverines took a 2-0 lead in the first period. Michigan’s Corsi close over that period was 64 percent, and the Wolverines had a game-high Corsi of 68 percent in the second period. For the game, the Wolverines finished with a 54.67 percent Corsi.

Ohio State vs. Western Michigan, 11/28/14, L, 6-2

There were several pockets when the score was close – up until the 16:59 mark of the first, a minute in the second and the latter half of the same period. Over that span, Ohio State’s Corsi close was 39.02 percent. The Buckeyes finished with a 5-on-5 Corsi of 41.77 percent.

Ohio State vs. Notre Dame, 11/29/14, W, 5-1

The game wasn’t close for long, so I skipped calculating Corsi close. The Buckeyes took a 2-0 lead before the Irish netted a goal at the end of the first. Not long after, Ohio State earned a 3-1 lead. The Buckeyes scored twice in the first and third, recording a Corsi of over 40 percent in each period. For the game, the Buckeyes recorded a 5-on-5 Corsi of 43.75 percent.

Minnesota vs. Boston College, 11/28/14, W, 6-2

Corsi close for this game spanned the period until the Gophers took a 2-0 lead in the second – when Minnesota’s 5-on-5 Corsi was 67.31 percent. Minnesota’s Corsi dropped in the third, but the Gophers entered the period ahead 3-0 and still netted a couple more goals. For the game, Minnesota’s 5-on-5 Corsi was 60 percent.

Minnesota vs. Northeastern, 11/29/14, L, 3-2

Minnesota scored first, but Northeastern responded with two goals to go ahead in the second. The Gophers also scored in the frame to tie the game, and itt wasn’t until the 17:24 minute mark of the third Northeastern took the lead for good. Minnesota’s Corsi close over that span was 52.69 percent. The Huskies had a 5-minute major in the first period and attempted 14 shots on that power play, which accounts for the discrepancy between Minnesota’s 5-on-5 and total Corsi for the period. For the game, Minnesota’s 5-on-5 Corsi was 53.06 percent.

Michigan State vs. Princeton, 11/28/14, L, 3-1

This game was close until early in the third period, when the Tigers took a 3-1 lead. Michigan State’s Corsi hovered around the 50 percent mark all game, and its Corsi close was 50.70 percent.  Michigan State’s 5-on-5 Corsi jumped to 62.16 percent in the third, as the Spartans trailed. They finished with a 5-on-5 Corsi of 55.45 percent.

Michigan State vs. Princeton, 11/29/14, W, 4-2

The Spartans scored first and held a 3-0 lead heading into the third period. Princeton battled back in the frame and scored two goals to bring the score to 3-2, but it was too late. For Michigan State’s Corsi close, which was 60.53 percent, I measured the period until the Spartans took a 2-0 lead early in the second. For the game, Michigan State’s 5-on-5 Corsi was 52.17 percent.

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