Big Ten: A Look Into Corsi, Week 11

Posted by: Jashvina Shah

College hockey eased back into the season with holiday tournaments. Penn State struggled at the Three Rivers Classic, losing both games, while Michigan translated a depleted roster into a Great Lakes Invitational championship.

Here are this week’s Corsi stats:

Michigan vs. Michigan Tech, W 2-1

Period 1: 5v5: 17.65%, Total: 16.67%;
Period 2: 5v5: 30.77%, Total: 31.91%;
Period 3: 5v5: 45.45%, Total: 41.46%;
Total: 5v5: 31.13%, Total: 30.65%

Michigan State vs. Ferris State, W 2-0

Period 1: 5v5: 66.67%, Total: 47.22%;
Period 2: 5v5: 35.14%, Total: 42.86%;
Period 3: 5v5: 35.29%, Total: 41.18%;
Total: 5v5: 44.87%, Total: 43.70%

Michigan vs. Michigan State, UM 2, MSU 1


Period 1: 5v5: 48.57%, Total: 48.57%;
Period 2: 5v5: 48.72%, Total: 50%;
Period 3: 5v5: 35.90%, Total: 37.78%;
Total: 5v5: 44.25%, Total: 45%

Michigan State

Period 1: 5v5: 51.43%, Total:51.43%;
Period 2: 5v5: 51.28%, Total: 50%;
Period 3: 5v5: 64.10%, Total: 62.22%;
Total: 5v5: 55.75%, Total: 55%

Penn State vs. Rober Morris, L 4-2

Period 1: 5v5: 63.64%, Total: 62.22%;
Period 2: 5v5: 57.89%, Total: 45.28%;
Period 3: 5v5: 58.62%, Total: 71.11%;
Total: 5v5: 60%, Total: 58.74%

Penn State vs. Western Michigan, L 4-1 

Period 1: 5v5: 34.29%, Total: 41.46%;
Period 2: 5v5: 56.52%, Total: 50%;
Period 3: 5v5: 44.12%, Total: 46.15%;
Total: 5v5: 46.09%, Total: 46.27%

Michigan vs. Michigan Tech 12/28/14, W, 2-1

The game was close until the 3:44 mark of the third, when Zach Hyman put the Wolverines up 2-1. Michigan’s Corsi close was 26.32 percent, which accurately represents Michigan’s 5-on-5 Corsi from the first two periods, as the Wolverines were dominated in puck possession. Michigan’s total 5-on-5 Corsi was 31.13 percent.

Michigan State vs. Ferris State 12/28/14, W, 2-0

Like the Michigan game, this game was close until the third period, when the Spartans entered the final frame with a 1-0 lead. Thomas Ebbing scored an empty net goal in the last minute, sealing Michigan State’s trip to the GLI championship game. The Spartans scored in the second, but Ferris State responded to the goal by dominating possession for the period. Michigan State’s Corsi close was 47.54 percent.

Michigan vs. Michigan State 12/29/14, UM 2, MSU 1

This game was incredibly fun to watch. Initially I was impressed with Michigan State’s aggressiveness, but both teams made some sloppy plays in the first period. Since there’s no play-by-play for this game, I relied on shot charts (thanks to Michigan Daily’s Jeremy Summitt for sending those over) and I have no Corsi close stats. But the game was close until the third period, and Michigan State (trailing 1-0 thanks to an incredible goal from Zach Hyman) increased its puck possession while trying to tie the game. Overall, the Corsi stats were close for this one. Michigan’s 5-on-5 Corsi for the game was 55.75 percent, while Michigan State’s was 44.25 percent.

Penn State vs. Robert Morris 12/29/14, L 4-2

Robert Morris scored twice in the second period, and held a two-goal lead for most of the game. It took the Colonials 14 minutes into the second to score, but they netted the second goal just 30 seconds later (these goals were scored on a five-minute major power play). Penn State’s 5-on-5 Corsi for the game was 60 percent, which isn’t surprising since coach Guy Gadowsky has a shoot-often mentality.

Penn State vs. Western Michigan 12/30/14, L 4-1

Western Michigan accrued a 2-0 lead early in the second. Penn State’s Corsi close during 5-on-5 play was 34.21 percent, which is very low for the Nittany Lions. Penn State finished with a 5-on-5 Corsi of 46.09 percent.

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