Big Ten: A Look Into Corsi, Week 16

Posted by: Jashvina Shah

Five Big Ten teams were in action last weekend. The Gophers and Badgers played at the Kohl Center, Michigan and Michigan State dueled in Detroit and Penn State defeated Vermont in out-of-conference play.

The Corsi stats are listed below:

Wisconsin vs. Minnesota, UW 5, Minn 7


Period 1: 5v5: 50%, Total: 47.37%;
Period 2: 5v5: 42.86%, Total: 47.83%;
Period 3: 5v5: 52.17%, Total: 51.61%;
Total: 5v5: 47.62%, Total: 48.70%


Period 1: 5v5: 50%, Total: 52.63%;
Period 2: 5v5: 57.14%, Total: 52.17%;
Period 3: 5v5: 47.83%, Total: 48.39%;
Total: 5v5: 52.38%, Total: 51.30%

Wisconsin vs. Minnesota, UW 4, Minn 4 


Period 1: 5v5: 50%, Total: 46.67%;
Period 2: 5v5: 41.67%, Total: 29.73%;
Period 3: 5v5: 28.57%, Total: 35.90%;
OT: 5v5: 22.22%; Total: 22.22%
Total: 5v5: 38.16%, Total: 35.65%


Period 1: 5v5: 50%, Total: 50%;
Period 2: 5v5: 58.33%, Total: 70.27%;
Period 3: 5v5: 71.43%, Total: 64.10%;
OT: 5v5: 77.78%; Total: 77.78%;
Total: 5v5: 61.84%, Total: 63.72%

Michigan vs. Michigan State, UM 1, MSU 2


Period 1: 5v5: 33.33%, Total: 41.46%;
Period 2: 5v5: 57.14%, Total: 58.70%;
Period 3: 5v5: 58.82%, Total: 60.87%;
Total: 5v5: 49.52%, Total: 54.13%

Michigan State

Period 1: 5v5: 66.67%, Total: 58.54%;
Period 2: 5v5: 42.86%, Total: 41.30%;
Period 3: 5v5: 41.18%, Total: 39.13%;
Total: 5v5: 50.47%, Total: 45.86%

Penn State vs. Vermont, W, 4-2

Period 1: 5v5: 45.95%, Total: 40%;
Period 2: 5v5: 63.64%, Total: 48.98%;
Period 3: 5v5: 66.67%, Total: 58%;
Total: 5v5: 57.73%, Total: 52.08%

Wisconsin vs. Minnesota 1/30/15 UW 5, Minn 7

The Badgers scored first and took a 3-1 lead in the second. But Minnesota responded with four straight goals to take a 5-3 lead. I counted Corsi close as the first two periods since neither team accrued more than two-goal lead. The Gophers finished with a Corsi close of 54.10 percent in 5-on-5 play, while Wisconsin’s was 45.90 percent.

Wisconsin vs. Minnesota 1/31/15 UW 4, Minn 4

This game was close for the first two periods and for a stretch in the third, when the score was tied 3-3. The Gophers held a 2-1 lead in the third, but Wisconsin tied it. The Gophers then took a 3-2 lead before the Badgers tied it again, and Badger freshman Cameron Hughes’ first collegiate tally put Wisconsin up 4-3. Seth Ambroz tied the game late. Minnesota had the slightly higher 5-on-5 Corsi close of the game at 57.81 percent, while Wisconsin’s was 42.19 percent. Wisconsin’s overall, second-period Corsi was less than 30 percent, but that was because the Badgers committed a kneeing penalty for a five-minute major.

Michigan vs. Michigan State 1/30/15 UM 1, MSU 2

This game was close until early in the third period, when the Spartans took a 2-1 lead. In their past games, the Wolverines were dominating 5-on-5 Corsi. But in the first period against Michigan State, Michigan State recorded a 5-on-5 Corsi of 66.67 percent. The Spartans held the Corsi close edge in 5-on-5 play, finishing with a Corsi of 55.26 percent.

Penn State vs. Vermont 1/31/15 W, 4-2

The Catamounts took a 2-0 lead in the second period. The Nittany Lions got one back before the frame ended, and netted six tallies in the third period to take the 4-2 win. Penn State finished with a Corsi close of 56.38 percent in 5-on-5 play.

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